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  • Social media creation and dissemination - This person will need to be involved daily with the walk and responsible for identifying, capturing, and disseminating media opportunities en-route.
  • Advance person working out ahead of the walk by a few to several days - Someone with their own vehicle to be an linking up with and involving local and state activists and homes where team members might stay overnight, identifying and setting up speaking engagements, etc.
  • Team Organizer/RV driver to travel with and be able to drive and maintain the RV, be in charge of coordination among the other team members and volunteers, etc. 
  • Someone skilled in monitoring and coordinating daily, all responses to our website - this person would not have to travel with the walk support team, but would need to be in close daily collaboration with key team members.
  • National media person also skilled in state and local media and responsible for regularly identifying and acting on media opportunities and maximizing them to promote the purposes of the walk.
  • An experience speechwriter to research and work up drafts of speeches in coordination with me. This person would not necessarily need to travel with our walk team, provided we remain in good, regular, communication.