Today, Rich and I spent the morning doing computer and other work at the RV, which is now based for the net several days at a campground on the banks of the Colorado, a few miles north of Needles, CA. 

Shortly after noon, we headed back west on I-40 some 60+ miles to I-40’s interchange at Kelbaker Road where I ended yesterdays walk. From there I began today’s walk on the edge of I-40 for a total day’s distance of 10.1 miles.

Aside from the constant flow of traffic on I-40, todays route was beautiful, but desolate. A few passing motorists stopped to see if I needed any assistance.

Also noticeable, was the huge amount of truck traffic moving freight of all kinds. It’s one testament about how government spending enables much more efficient travel and commerce for a wide variety of travelers use/needs.


Rick Hubbard


Citizen, activist, writer, retired attorney and former economic consultant.