Tuesday, November 1st. Volunteer Peg Clement and I made a side trip to Las Vegas today.

Lots going on in Vegas, since it’s only a week before voting results for the November election are counted and announced.

Big evening event with former President Obama and 92 year old Dolores Huerta headling it in the evening.

Dolores is a long-time civil rights activist who, together with Cesar Chavez, organized farmworkers into what today is called the United Farmworkers.

In the afternoon, first Dolores and then I spoke to a gathering of students and faculty at the College of Southern Nevada, at its West Charleston campus. At the same time, Peg was busily getting photos and video footage.

Here’s a photo

Here’s a link to my talk - "The Urgent Need to Repair Our Democracy"


Here below is my quick video summary of the day.

Also, here's a quick clip of me responding to a student question about how events are organized.


Here’s a photo of my "super-capable volunteer” Peg Clement with Dolores.

That night we overnighted the support RV in the parking lot of a Pilot Truck Stop in Las Vegas.

Rick Hubbard


Citizen, activist, writer, retired attorney and former economic consultant.