Today we moved from an RV campground in Kingman to one about 15 miles northeast of Kingman on Rt 66.

Before leaving the largest city we’ll see for a while, we made sure we dumped our black and grey water, filled up our RV with fresh water, and located a place to fill up our onboard LP gas tank.

We’ll soon be at 7,000 ft of elevation in Flagstaff where snow already has fallen two days ago.

Therefore, before leaving Kingman, we drove the RV to a large paved parking lot and practiced putting winter snow tire chains on the RV. 

So, I again started my daily walk very late, about 1:45pm, near the airport on historic route 66. 

The walk itself was quite flat and uneventful, but with many vehicles and much waving and honking.

‘Near mile 8, I came upon a vineyard in the desert.

I  finished my walk at 10 miles  just as darkness descended. Tonight, Jim and I are settled in our new RV location just a couple of miles past where I finished.

Here's today's video.


Rick Hubbard


Citizen, activist, writer, retired attorney and former economic consultant.