• What is Walking to Fix Our Democracy?

    Walking to Fix Our Democracywww.fixourdemocracy.usis a national effort to engage, activate, and support people to fix our democracy, and walk and advocate in their own communities to do so. It is sparked by Rick Hubbard, who is walking from Los Angeles, starting October 1, 2022. He is engaging in as many events as possible along or near the walking route, and plans to finish with an event on the steps of our Capitol in Washington D.C. in early January of 2025.

  • Who is leading the walk/project?

    Rick Hubbard is a native Vermonter, retired attorney, and former economic consultant. He writes and is an activist for reforming our democracy to better serve the common good of its citizens and our national interest. Rick has participated in other related projects, including "Granny D's" 15-month walk across the U.S. to highlight the need for campaign finance reform, the New Hampshire Rebellion and Democracy Spring. They have all inspired his current plan to walk across the United States in support of our democracy.

  • What needs to be fixed with our democracy?

    Below is one of the nine problems and fixes that the Walking to Fix Our Democracy project has identified. Visit the website at https://www.fixourdemocracy.us/fixes to read the entire list.

    Problem: Congress isn't working for most people. Our political system gives many incentives to act in ways that place their own re-election interests, those of their wealthy and influential campaign funders, and those of their political party above the common, broad interests of the American people.

    Fix: Reform our political process to get more competition, more turnover, and better representation for our common good and the future of our nation. Work with others to support those in Congress willing to pass national standards, including the For the People Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, DC Statehood, and a Constitutional Amendment to transform our political system and move our country closer to realizing the true promise of democracy.

  • What are some actions we can take to fix our democracy?

    Show the media and our elected representatives you care.

    • Organize and join nonpartisan citizen coordinated walks to fix our democracy in your community, at dates and times in concert with others across America in their communities.
    • Support with your time/money some of the many local/state/national organizations working to fix our democracy.
    • Vote for candidates pledging to make fixing our democracy the centerpiece of their campaign.
    • Support current representatives in Congress willing to fix our democracy to represent the common good of us all.
  • How to support the Walking to Fix Our Democracy project?

    There are several ways to be a part of Walking to Fix Our Democracy! Take action by supporting, volunteering, and/or donating:

    1. Be a part of the traveling walk support team - Help is needed with walk logistics, coordinating all website responses, coordinating our traveling team effort plus RV driving and support, social media, volunteer and event organizing, speechwriting and more.
    2. Be a supporter - sign up to learn how to organize an event in your community, organize a walk, host team members when we arrive in a community, spread the word on your social media and more - https://www.fixourdemocracy.us/supporter
    3. Donate to our cause! Follow this link to donate whatever amount you can to support our project - https://www.fixourdemocracy.us/donate2
    4. Click here to sign up! - https://www.fixourdemocracy.us/take-action