Organize Walks To Fix Our Democracy in Your Own Community

Dates, Guidelines and Resources for National Walks in Communities Across the U.S.

Local citizens and nonprofit organizations - Organize walks within your own community in concert with other communities across America to conform with the schedule of dates and guidelines.

These walks will generate significant local and national media attention. They will also pressure our political candidates and elected representatives to prioritize specific reforms at the local, state and national level and, hopefully make this the central focus of their campaigns and representation.

Guidelines for Conduct of Walks

  • Every walk must be non-partisan, nonviolent, and in conformance with all applicable law.
  • Walks must be organized and funded locally by individuals and organizations in their own communities and states.
  • Walks should occur on the nationally recommended dates to maximize effect and media exposure.
  • Walk messaging should, as a 1st priority, spotlight attention on the need for, and citizen support to “Fix Our Democracy” in order avoid autocracy plus unlock progress on everything else: (for example)
    • Livable Wages
    • Climate change
    • Health care
    • Education
    • Infrastructure
    • Voting Rights
    • Financial protections
    • Consumer protections
    • And much, much more!
  • The secondary message is to spotlight specific legal action for political system improvements at the local/state/national level (for example)
    • Change candidate incentives so they will represent the interests of the greatest percentage of all of us by:
      • Financing campaigns (not by dollars from 2% of us as now) but by small donations directly to candidates they prefer from 100% of all registered voters via rebates of our tax dollars
      • Allowing all Americans of legal age the right to vote.
      • Creating fairer, more competitive, election procedures via open, blanket primaries.
      • Electing whomever we elect with at least a majority of all voter support via
        • Ranked Choice voting
      • Adopting legislation that requires nonpartisan Citizens Election Commissions
        • to create election district maps mandated to favor no political party.
        • to allow equal opportunity for all to vote
        • to set and enforce strong ethical standards for those we elect or hire to publicly serve us.
      • And more!

“Walk the Talk” Toolkit, Courtesy of the Coalition for Open Democracy and the NH Rebellion 

2022 and 2023 National Walk Dates

May 29, 2023

Memorial Day

June 19, 2023

Junteenth National Independence Day

July 4, 2023

Independence Day/p>

August 28, 2023

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The initial march occurred on August 28th, 1963, so this will be its 60th anniversary.

September 4, 2023

Labor Day

October 9, 2023

Indigenous People's Day

October 21, 2023

This date is in memory of two events that are being combined. The Million Woman March in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, October 25, 1997, and The Million Man March on Monday, October 16th, 1995.

November 11, 2023

Veterans Day