I just passed through Kingman, Arizona last Sunday, after a great event with organizing legend Dolores Huerta at the University of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas.  I'm holding up despite some very cold weather and a mishap with the tow-car behind the RV, but Democracy marches on!

Rick Speaks in Las Vegas in Support of Nevada Question 3 on Ranked Choice Voting

Thanks to amazing volunteers like Sondra Cosgrove, executive director of Vote Nevada, I was able to speak Nov. 1 at a rally supporting Nevada Question 3, a citizen initiative which would create an open primary system, with all candidates running on one primary ballot regardless of party.  The top five candidates then advance to the general and are decided by ranked choice voting.  Predictably, politicians on both sides of the aisle in Nevada DON'T LIKE IT because it weakens party power, but the voters DO!  It passed its first hurdle by garnering 52.7% of the vote on Nov. 8th! Congratulations!  BUT, it must face a second vote in 2024 to actually make it part of the Nevada constitution. 

As you know, open primaries and RCV are two of my key reforms to #FixOurDemocracy!  Read my speech, or view it on my YouTube channel, and read the Ranked Choice Voting ballot measure on the Yes on 3 Nevada website.   

Conversations in Kingman

Photo by William Roller/Kingman MinerWhile my friend and amazing volunteer Jim Richards & I couldn't walk in the Kingman, Arizona Veterans Day parade because we were too "political," we found a great parking spot and had some wonderful conversations with folks who came over to see what we were about.   It's pretty red around here, yet voters almost all agree that we are not being represented!    (Photo by William Roller/Kingman Miner)

Looking for a Road Trip? Why Not Help Rick?

An unexpected illness has caused one of my volunteers to have to withdraw, and I could really use some help with logistics driving the RV and keeping us on the move.   Can you help?  Join me in Arizona or New Mexico in the coming weeks, or schedule a week in the coming months!

Thank You!

Behind every crusader like me, there's a team of great people who believe in our issues.  THANK YOU for your love, support, volunteer hours and donations!   

We'll talk --and walk-- again soon!  Onward!


Rick Hubbard

P.S. If you haven't already, check out my daily video journal at the website for the daily challenges of Walking to Fix Our Democracy!


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