September 27, 2022
– Route includes 37 events in 11 states, from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. –

Many Americans think that our government and political system isn’t serving the common good. Trying to have a civil, public discussion about these issues has become almost impossible. However, one man is taking to America’s roads to say that all is not lost, and we have the power to rescue our democracy.

Walking to Fix Our Democracy――is a national effort to engage, activate, and support people to fix our democracy, and walk and advocate in their own communities to do so. It is sparked by Rick Hubbard, a native Vermonter, retired attorney, and former economic consultant, who is walking from Los Angeles, starting October 1, 2022. He is engaging in as many events as possible along or near the walking route, and plans to finish with an event on the steps of our Capitol in Washington D.C. about 16 months later.

“We can make our political system fairer, more inclusive, more competitive, and more representative. Our walk is a nonpartisan effort to make the case in communities across the U.S. that fixing our democracy first is the quickest and most effective way to unlock progress on issues important to us all: climate change, health care, education, infrastructure, voting rights, campaign financing, and much more,” stated Hubbard.

Walking to Fix Our Democracy has several purposes:

  • To raise awareness about the need, and ways, to avoid autocratic rule of government.
  • To link up with, celebrate, and support state and local activist efforts along the route.
  • To encourage short walks for the same purpose on specific, coordinated dates in communities across America.
  • To encourage candidates for Congress and other levels of government to make fixing our democracy their lead issue. 

Hubbard considers this project as an opportunity for high school and college age youth to amplify their voices and concerns about how government functions and its accountability, both locally and nationally. “I have a request for youth to tell me what to say/ask on their behalf, when I have the opportunity to do so with the media, our elected and potential representatives, and the American people,” he stated.

The walk will depend upon volunteers and supporters of all ages with a variety of skills who―in addition to working on this paramount issue in their own communities―are helping out in various ways with the walk, specifically with logistics, social media, volunteer and event organizing, and speechwriting. 

Learn more and how to get involved by visiting the website at

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