Walking to Fix Our Democracy has Several Purposes

  • to raise awareness about the need, and ways, to fix our democracy;
  • to link up with, celebrate, and support state and local activist efforts along the route;
  • to encourage short walks for the same purpose on specific, coordinated dates in communities across America; and
  • to encourage candidates for Congress and other levels of government to make fixing our democracy their lead issue in order to save us from autocracy, plus unlock progress on every other important issue affecting us all. 

Our team will make the case that fixing our democracy first is the quickest and most effective way to avoid autocracy and unlock progress on every other issue important to us all: climate change; health care; education; infrastructure; voting rights; financial protections; consumer protections; and much, much more.

Image of the Statue of Liberty's face and head.

This nonpartisan effort seeks a variety of supporters and volunteers with different skills and ethnic backgrounds who in addition to working on this paramount issue in their own communities, might be interested in joining the walk, or in helping out in various ways with the walk, specifically with walk logistics, social media, volunteer and event organizing, and speechwriting.

If our team effort is effective, this can be a great opportunity for us to help raise awareness and jump-start and support further actions to Fix Our Democracy. 

Click here to watch a video and read more about why we are Walking to Fix Our Democracy.

Will you sign up?