Get details about the walking route, stops along the way, side trips to additional events, how to follow along and how to support the walk! Click here to download a printable version of the walking route.

Below are the approximate route and dates of the Fix Our Democracy walk. Please note the following about the walking route, stops along the route, and side trips by our support RV to additional events:

  • The yellow and blue markers, with a white dot in the center plus a letter from A to J underneath, represent our planned walking route. Except for starting point A in bright red finishing point J in bright red, all the other stops are in blue. Each of these stops is also a possible event.
  • The remaining blue exclamation points with a white dot in the center are also possible events along the route.
  • Side trips from the walking route are shown in yellow/orange, as well as the exclamation points with a white dot in the center. We would likely drive with our support RV to these side trip events.
  • The event calendar entries for each of the above events is presented separately beginning below the map, with events listed chronologically by date.
  • Each date in the calendar is a currently planned stop and possible event along the way. Several others are side trips to other cities for possible events.

Please keep in mind that, as the walk progresses, the route and timing of stops and events may adjust somewhat for a host of possible reasons. These include: mechanical issues with our support RV, weather (tornados and blizzards), plus physical and health issues that affect walkers and/or supporting team-members.

If you want to join us near or at any stop, or if you want to find out more about anything happening at that stop, or if you'd like to help make something happen at that stop, look at the specific event in the calendar and take appropriate action.

There's lots to do. Together, we can make a difference. Please take appropriate action.

All Walking Route Stops

Nov 01, 2022

Las Vegas NV

Sunset Park, Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV
Nov 13, 2022

Phoenix AZ

FIX OUR DEMOCRACY EVENT at Margaret T. Hance Park, 67 W Culver St, Phoenix, AZ 85003,