I began in Clermont where I ended the previous day, and walked thru Upland to West Rancho Cucamonga CA at 8 miles. 

I'd intended to add a short second part to today's walk so I'd log a full 10 miles, but as I drove the RV back toward where the tow car was parked at the beginning, I stopped at a small mall to buy some ice and snow chains for the rear wheels of the RV. While stopped, I was approached by someone who had spotted the support RV and was curious to learn more about Walking To Fix Our Democracy..

That person turned out to be David'Emetri Johnson, an author/host/speaker and experienced videographer who turned out to be very interested in fixing our democracy. As we spoke, it quickly became evident that we needed more time to get to know each other. So our conversation continued into and through dinner, and eliminated my planned part 2 of the walk today.


Rick Hubbard


Citizen, activist, writer, retired attorney and former economic consultant.