Reasons to Fix Our Democracy - Podcast Series

Over the course of the walk I will periodically update this podcast series with additional recordings. Each release will set out another "Reason to Fix Our Democracy." Use the form on this page to sign up for new podcast notifications.  Do us a favor and SHARE these podcasts with your friends!


Podcast #5 - Congress Isn't Serving Our Citizens - And the Media Isn't Asking the Right Questions as to Why

In past episodes, we've made the case that Congress isn't serving the common good -- the oath our elected representatives took when they swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Congress gets away with it, because our media follows the horse race and not the substance. Our fifth episode of “Another Reason to Fix Our Democracy” discusses why the majority of our national, mainstream media isn't asking the right questions of our elected representatives, and not giving citizens enough information to realize they're not being served as our Constitution intended.


Podcast #4 - To enact a healthcare system where all 330+ million Americans can receive high quality health care at the lowest system-wide cost

Are you aware that our elected representatives in Congress currently have a study available that can make high quality healthcare available for all 330+ million Americans in a much more cost efficient way? It gains huge cost savings and efficiency by funneling all premiums through a single entity that would have much more power and leverage to provide health care at lower cost.

The study, done by the Congressional Budget Office and released about four years ago, concludes that for the most expensive (meaning - the highest and best for Americans) care level of five alternatives, we could do so at an added cost in the federal budget in 2030 of $290 billion a year.

Think of that. For an increased cost of less than 1/10th of 1 percent of forecast GDP of about 35 trillion dollars in 2030 we can provide good quality healthcare for all 330+ million of us with what amounts to only a 4 percent increase out of about $7 billion of total national health expenditures then.

Podcast #3 - So Capitalism Will Broadly Benefit We the People and Strengthen Our Nation

Our nation has embraced capitalism. It’s very efficient, even ruthless, at generating economic growth. It also has nasty side effects.   The responsibility of those we’ve elected to represent us is to balance the advantages and side effects of capitalism to broadly benefit all of us.  Their failure to guard against the side effects has consequences.   Our nation is increasingly a place where, for most, even if we work a full work week, the wages we receive in relation to housing, education, healthcare, and other costs, leave us in a financially precarious position without any savings for safety, and therefore only a paycheck away from an unexpected bill.

Podcast #2 - To Obtain Proper Representation 

Those of you who represent us in Congress took an oath and swore that you would “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” and that you would “well and faithfully discharge” your duties.  Your job is to address the biggest issues common to all of us, and after much analysis and debate, make policy and create in law, systems that most economically, efficiently, and sustainably address each of these issue areas to serve our common good.    But for too long, too many of you have not been doing your job properly.


Podcast #1 - Congress Isn't Doing Its Job

This “Reasons to Fix Our Democracy” is because a majority of those we’ve elected to represent us in Congress and lead our nation, together with many of our Court system’s judges, are not, and have not for several decades, been doing their job. They have not been properly representing the common good of us all and our nation.









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