Reasons to Fix Our Democracy - Podcast Series

Over the course of the walk I will periodically update this podcast series with additional recordings. Each release will set out another "Reason to Fix Our Democracy." Use the form on this page to sign up for new podcast notifications.

Podcast #1 - Congress Isn't Doing Its Job

This “Reasons to Fix Our Democracy” is because a majority of those we’ve elected to represent us in Congress and lead our nation, together with many of our Court system’s judges, are not, and have not for several decades, been doing their job. They have not been properly representing the common good of us all and our nation.



Podcast #2 - To Obtain Proper Representation 

Those of you who represent us in Congress took an oath and swore that you would “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” and that you would “well and faithfully discharge” your duties.  Your job is to address the biggest issues common to all of us, and after much analysis and debate, make policy and create in law, systems that most economically, efficiently, and sustainably address each of these issue areas to serve our common good.    But for too long, too many of you have not been doing your job properly.



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