NOTE – If you volunteer to drive the RV, but the time you have available doesn’t fill the entire time a driver is needed, that’s fine. Just propose what you can do. We’ll work it out. 

Please keep in mind that as the walk progresses, the route and timing of stops and events may adjust somewhat for a host of possible reasons. These include mechanical issues with our support RV, weather (tornados and blizzards), plus physical and health issues that affect walkers and/or supporting team-members.

Current Schedule of Drivers Needed

  1. Need Driver(s) - From Mon., November 28th when I plan to be in Flagstaff AZ, for the next 4+ weeks and about 185 miles to Sun. January 1, 2023, when I should be in Gallup NM.

  2. Currently, I have a driver from Sun January 1st, 2023 when I plan to be in Gallup NM. for the next 62 miles to Sat Jan 7th, 2023 when I plan to be in Grants, NM.

  3. Need Driver(s) - From Sat Jan 7th 2023 in Grants NM, which is about 75 miles and will take about a week and a half, to Albuquerque on Sat., Jan 21st, plus another 70 miles and another week and a half to a point past Albuquerque on Wed. Feb 1st when I should be about halfway between Albuquerque and Las Vegas NM (where I will make a side trip to Santa Fe, NM for an event).

  4. Currently I have a driver from Wed. Feb 1st (who will join during side trip to Santa Fe on Feb 1st) all the way through to about April 13th, 2023 when I should be in Fort Collins, CO.

To date, I’m focusing on having drivers to Ft. Collins, CO.

After I leave Santa Fe, NM I will begin seeking volunteer drivers for the portion of the route From Ft. Collins CO that doglegs east through NE and IA to Madison, WI and Milwaukee, then south to Chicago, back up to Lansing MI, then south again through Akron OH and Pittsburg PA to Washington DC. If you would like to volunteer to drive during this time, please contact me.

Volunteer RV Driver FAQs

Click here to download the RV FAQs for answers to some of your questions about volunteering to drive the Walking to Fix Our Democracy RV.

FYI – When there isn’t a driver, Rick must do everything himself. That means drive the RV and tow car to the end of where he plans to end the day’s walk. Unhook the tow car and drive it back to the start point for that section of the walk. Park the tow-car, then walk the route forward to end at the RV. Get in, then drive the RV back to the beginning, attach the tow car, then drive past the current point he just finished, far enough forward to set up for the next section of the walk. Repeat. Although he can, and will, do this when there is no driver, it’s very inefficient and time (and gas) consuming.


Will you volunteer?